When planning your wedding with Angela’s Weddings in Spain, you will benefit from the following exciting benefits:

  • A fully qualified & experienced Destination Wedding Planner.
  • An individual and unique wedding bringing your personal wedding vision to life.
  • Our expertise, experience & knowledge.
  • Hand-picked venues & suppliers that have been individually chosen because of their quality & high standards. 
  • Tailor made wedding ceremonies in a variety of languages including English, Spanish & Dutch – other languages available on request.
  • Our insider knowledge to guide you seamlessly through each step of the planning allowing you to relax and enjoy each stage, with the ultimate aim of creating you the perfect romantic wedding day.
  • We are completely unbiased and independent with no conflicts of interest.
  • Our love, passion & enthusiasm in creating you the most special and incredible day of your lives.
  • Your own personal travel agent who will organise your flights, accommodation, transfers etc. for both you and all of your guests.
  • We provide high standards of service and efficiency.
  • We will be with you every step of the way emotionally and professionally.
  • We are fully licensed to work in Spain and hold the relevant Insurance.
  • We have secured special discounts with some of our venues and suppliers meaning that the cost can be cheaper than if you booked them direct.


Our Wedding Planning Service is included in all of our Wedding Packages, the service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Selection, negotiation, organisation & management of the venue, caterer & wedding suppliers.
  • Step by step planning; starting with the priority suppliers first then moving through each category, offering you options and providing advice & guidance on each.
  • A fun, simple and enjoyable planning process.
  • Emotional and professional support.
  • Insider experience & knowledge of our venues & suppliers and understand the logistics and requirements for each.
  • Access to a fantastic portfolio of hand-picked trustworthy and high quality experienced suppliers/professionals.
  • A welcome brochure containing lots of activities and things to do during your stay in Spain, for you and your guests.
  • Transformation of the venue into a stunning wedding setting, uniquely styled and designed just for you.
  • Obtain & oversee contracts and invoices for deposits and future payments from the venue, caterer & suppliers.
  • Design, advice and personal guidance from now until the wedding day.
  • Creation of the essential personalised Timeline of the Wedding Day (agenda) which is provided to everyone involved in your day to ensure smooth running of the wedding.
  • Budget & Payment Plan confirming all payments made and those due and when.
  • Ongoing contact via phone calls and email.
  • Venue visit with face to face meeting, with one of our planners, before the wedding day.


We always recommend that you have one of our experienced planners attend your wedding day to oversee the arrangements and set up so you can relax and enjoy getting ready.  This is included in all of our Packages, (although at some venues this is not necessary and we will confirm this to you when booking).  Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • We will be at the venue before the first wedding supplier arrives to ensure that the venue is ready to set up and that all spaces that we are using are empty, tidy and prepared.  
  • When the suppliers arrive we will greet them and show them where to set up and talk them through the day, leaving you to enjoy your preparations.
  • We oversee all of the setting up, ensuring the layout is correct and that all decoration is correctly placed as per your wishes.
  • We will set up/organise any items that you bring with you such as table plans, decoration items, guest books etc.
  • We manage any questions or problems, leaving you free to get ready without interruption.
  • We oversee the timings and coordinate with the kitchen to ensure that the food is ready at the correct time, that drinks are ready to be served in the right moment, and the waiting staff are ready to serve, especially that cool glass of fizz right after the ceremony!
  • We will be busy behind the scenes working hard to make sure everything is ready in time, quite often we end up helping the suppliers with some additional unforeseen details.
  • We also get involved with setting up the furniture, ensuring the decoration items are in place, and moving decoration items between the different spaces that are being used for the different parts of the day and ensuring everything is perfect. 
  • We avoid you having to be at the venue on the wedding day ensuring that everything is ready for the first guests to arrive.
  • When the bride/groom arrives, we will meet them at the entrance, and ensure the guests are seated and the music ready for them to make their grand entrance.
  • We will be available to meet and greet you and your guests when you arrive on the wedding day and will be available to answer any questions you or your guests may have, also to guide your guests to the next area and ensure everything runs smooth for you all.

Ultimately we ensure that your wedding vision is brought to life and that you get to relax without getting any interruptions or having to deal with any issues that arise, so you get a wonderful, relaxed and enjoyable day.

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