Where is your heart the month of July?

Boom!! July has arrived, how fast does time go? While some countries, certain cities or areas are still feeling the coronavirus globally, among other chaos, I feel that together we are getting back into some normality, freedom, routine. 

We are still having to take the required measures to stay safe wherever you are in the world. 

No matter what our perspectives or opinions may be, the purpose of life is to love and respect each other, coming together in unity to survive the good and the bad. Just like when we celebrate a wedding, YOUR WEDDING!! These are moments shared with your most loved and cherished, in unity, feeling that harmony, love and security. 

So, where is your heart this July? This summer? When I think of a summer wedding, I’m feeling hot, relaxed, motivated for the fresh and healthy. So today I thought I would share with you some ideas of the basic things you may be thinking about for your wedding but maybe not all that clear just yet of what you want. Thereafter, you can reflect on weather the summer trends match your vision, desire?

If not, we can certainly help you to gain clarity on what theme your wedding could be. 

There is so much choice and all so beautiful so we understand how difficult it can be to decide. At the same time, this is exiting for you so enjoy the process with our help alongside you. 

Follow your heart and feel it. 

Let’s start with the wedding dresses of 2020. While there is a dress to match every style, theme always, this year we are seeing a lot of boho, soft, fairy like looking dresses. The hair is either softly up or down with curls (softer look) or down and straight, making a bit more of a statement. 

The style of dresses is, what they call, ball gown style. Of course, you can have pretty much anything you desire, however, if you are getting married abroad in the sun, you want to feel as cool as possible, more natural, where less is more. If you’re going for the beach wedding, you want floaty, natural textures, easy to wear or more fitted, showing more skin, sexier style. 

Men’s suits are nice light colour’s, pastel blues, white, beige, silver………Linen as the material is what springs to mind, perfect for a beach wedding, but fits any venue you choose here in the sun. 

Most popular flower in bloom during July is the Orchid. I personally love them. There are many to choose from of course but you also have Delphiniums, lilies, dahlias, Gardenias, Gerber Daisies and Hydrangeas. 

If you are stuck on this, maybe try planting or having a variety at home in your favourite colour or that match the theme of your wedding to get the feeling they may bring. 

If your wedding is booked for 2021, don’t forget you can attend a wedding show, usually taking place the cooler months of the year, in many parts of the world. This is great to get ideas to bring to your wedding planner so we can get a complete vision of what you would like your day to look and feel like. 

Hope the latest on trends, personal suggestions have helped to spark your creativity for your big day and if not, know that we are at your disposal to help make that big day the most precious ever. 

Until the next time, if you’re in the sun, have fun!!

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