At this difficult time there are many couples around the world wondering what is going to happen to their wedding day, particularly those planned for the coming months.

Here at Angela’s Weddings in Spain we are pleased to say that all of our venues and suppliers that we have spoken to are offering our couples a change of date so if a couple has to change the date of their wedding they can do so.

It is really important to us all that we keep our couples wedding dreams alive, after all they have fallen in love with venues, imagined their wedding day there; where they will make their vows, have their photos taken and of course they have spent a lot of money bringing this dream to life.

We feel that no one should have to cancel their wedding day, so we are doing everything in our power to keep your dreams alive.

This also means that anyone who books a wedding with us going forward also has the option of changing their wedding date should any problems from this virus prevent their wedding going ahead on their wedding date.

We are working really hard to keep dreams alive, not just for those who have weddings planned, also those who have just got engaged and deserve to celebrate and start planning.

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