Values, Venues & Vows:

Share them with Angela’s Wedding Spain and we will get straight to work.

A deep, true, intimate relationship can start on the matching in personal values. It brings a feeling of closeness, security, a bigger understanding, the bigger picture, the nature of the bond you share that ultimately takes you on a path of eternal love starting at the most perfect venue where you express your deepest feelings through the language of vows.

One of Angela’s Wedding Spain biggest assets among others is making your perfect day as unique as you are. To make that happen, it all starts with your style personality. How do you want to feel?

There are so many styles of venues and environments to offer you here in Spain at any time of the year. We attract who we are so tailoring a wedding unique to you will only make your day even happier alongside very happy family and friends.

Planet Venus is our universal love planner. Let us be your planet Venus wedding planner to match the reality of your dream.

Let us help you tie that knot.

For any further information, please get in touch with us.

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