With June comes a wedding planner tailored just for you. 

First of all, let`s start by having faith that whoever is reading this today is healthy, safe and sound. 

With all the chaos and negativity flying around the world today, we feel now June has arrived, we begin to smell that need and desire for change. 

Thought processing on fresh new ideas in all areas of our lives, that desire to progress, grow in love, style and harmony. 

Smell the flowers, use nature to boost our moral, immune system for a healthier life style in all areas.

June brings healing, reawakening, positive change so while you may start to plan those new steps to a better life, why not let us help you tailor your wedding to your lifestyle, to you. 

We can update you on the newest trends and/or simply guide you on any ideas you may be working on like…i.e.: destination, attire, theme, style, venue, colours etc….

As we all know, there are some restrictions at this moment in time due to Covid 19, stated on our last blog. However, as mentioned previously, here at Angela’s Wedding Spain we have all the knowledge, resources, creativity, passion, professionalism, love and above all, intimate or public venues that can be tailored to your choice of style and circumstance. 

Some nurses and doctors are getting married in the hospital chapels, their love is proving to be stronger than the Covid 19, they cant wait, rightly so. 

Others are getting married in masks. Hey, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.

We have to adapt to change, not resist it. Let your love be stronger than the fear, go with the flow of the world, don’t hesitate, find the answers here with us. 

We get booked up fast so just do it!!

We look forward to being a part of your special day helping you a long the way. 

Stay safe!!

For any further enquiries, please contact us on @mailto:enquiries@angelasweddingsandevents.com

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