It is fair to say that due to covid 19 and other global occurances, the world is in shock, going through deep changes while adapting to new rules and regulations. Ones that we have to respect and follow for all human beings involved.

There is no doubt that declaring your infinite love to your soulmate is one of the most precious, divine act we can do to feel and live even more as one.It gives us great pleasure & fulfilment that at Angela’s weddings in Spain, we have succeeded to make all our couples special day, perfect, unforgettable, celebrating their wedding to both their unique selves.

An experience, a memory for a lifetime.While every country is currently in a different phase of the Coronavirus, the most important thing apart from keeping safe and healthy is to still plan your big day making your dream come true.

Although we are still living in uncertainty, we are certain that we have many options to choose from where you can celebrate, not only in the sunshine but in safety, love and harmony.  We have something for everyone, even under these new circumstances.

As the sayings go, simple is more, natural is more unique and beautiful so why not consider a wedding surrounded by nature looking out to incredible views?

If you haven’t already planned your wedding with us, please do not let Covid 19 change your mind or leave it too long.

Home is where the heart is so let us fit your enviroment to make you feel at home in the arms of the ones you love.

Now is the time to plan your perfect day.For more information on current possibilities and more, please contact us.

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