The Dreaded Virus and your Wedding:

Couples are asking if I am worried about this virus and our weddings for this year, here is my reply:

As my husband tells me I am always the calm one in a crisis, I am always positive that it will all be ok, and if it comes to the point it is not ok, I will do the best thing I can to fix it in a calm and considered way. 

As a wedding planner I am lucky because my first wedding this year is in June so 3 months to go yet and I would like to think this will be in the past by then. However having to spoken to many of my venues and suppliers so far they are all happy for couples to reschedule at no extra cost, so the most important thing for our couples is to know that although they may not get their dream wedding day on the date they initially planned for, all being well they will still get to have their wedding at their venue, just as they have been dreaming about for the last many months.

I feel it is very important that we all give ourselves something to look forward to, something nice to talk about and have something exciting going on, and a wedding is the perfect way to do this. A wedding is not just important for the couple, but also for their family and friends, everyone gets excited, guests are looking forward to wearing their new outfits and buying gifts, and of course they are looking forward to flying to Spain for their holiday too.

So we are going to remain positive that this will all pass soon and our ‘new’ normal lives will resume and our plans can go on as arranged, but if the time comes and we have to make changes, then me and my team will work hard to make this as easy and comfortable as possible for our couples.

And don’t forget, if you do end up delaying, one great benefit is that you get to look forward to it for longer….and looking forward to your wedding is a big part of the excitement. 

So let’s not worry, let’s all be positive, let’s keep the excitement and the love going….I am sending my positive vibes to you all.

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