Villa weddings in Spain are the perfect way to celebrate your wedding; they offer you the freedom and flexibility for a completely unique and personal wedding day.  There is no venue telling you which space to use, how you can decorate the venue and your days timings, you get complete freedom to do exactly what you want!

Perhaps you have a stunning family villa with beautiful gardens, or maybe you are looking to rent a holiday villa, either way you can have your dream outdoors wedding and use the spaces available as you wish to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere.

It is very exciting to have the freedom to decorate the venue however you like and to use the different areas of your villa and gardens as you wish, but before you get carried away for floral displays and fairy lights here are some practical issues you need to cover first:

  1. Firstly if you are renting a holiday villa, you need to check with the owner that they give you permission to hold an event of this type, also that they have the appropriate licenses.
  2. The owner of the property needs to ensure they have sufficient Liability Insurance and that their house insurance also permits an event.
  3. Think carefully about the space available, you need to allocate around 6 square feet per person during the ceremony.
  4. If you are using the same space for the ceremony and meal, who will move the furniture around and set the banquet tables as per your wedding theme.
  5. While this change is happening, consider where will you be having your drinks reception, leaving enough space and access for the tables to be set up.
  6. Is there enough space for all of these different aspects to the day, for the amount of guests you are invitingConsider bad weather, I know this is Spain and we have over 300 days of sunshine, but we do sometimes get bad weather, and if this falls on your special day, you need a back up plan.  Can your guests all fit inside the house, or do you need to hire a marquee?
  7. Please think about shade for you and your guests, if it is a sunny day, your guests will be sat in the sun for an hour during the ceremony!  Equally you will all be sat for 2-3 hours during the meal, so shade is essential then too.
  8. Consider flooring: I am sure your villa has a beautiful garden, but if it is mainly grass, is it level and how will all of your female guests cope with walking on the grass in heels?  Also what if it has rained the day before, or even the morning of your wedding, with 50+ guests traipsing over it, it might turn into a muddy bog! 
  9. Also you want the ceremony chairs and banquet chairs and tables to be sturdy and not sinking into the ground or wobbling around while people are trying to eat.
  10. Can your suppliers have good access with vans and lorries to deliver the furniture and catering equipment required?

So I have raised a few of the main things to consider before running away with the idea of a beautiful villa wedding, and there is much more to consider such as lighting, generators for power, parking for guests, toilet facilities, catering equipment, delivery access, next day clean-up crew and of course furniture hire.  

Let’s not forget that villa weddings are absolutely amazing and an outstanding way to hold your wedding, but please take advice from a knowledgeable wedding planner to ensure that you have prepared for and thought of everything necessary to make your day a success.  Afterall you want your guests to talk about your wedding day for the right reasons, not because of the disaster it turned into!

If you are thinking of holding that unique villa wedding here in Spain, then please get in touch with me now to find out more about how I can help you plan the perfect dream villa wedding.  I also have a portfolio of stunning villas.

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