What is a wedding planner?  What do they do?  Why do I need one?  These are some of the most common questions when considering using a wedding planner.  So this group of blogs gives you the top reasons as to why you should hire one.

A wedding planner´s purpose is to plan and design your wedding day, taking over the management of all suppliers and venues, bringing the design & themes together, and organising every part that makes a wedding.  

Many wedding planners have set wedding packages and offer very little flexibility in the design and theme of your wedding, so you might find that each wedding they do is pretty much the same as the last one.  However I personally love to make every wedding as unique and individual as my couple. 

Initially I listen to my couples dreams and aspirations for their big day and I find them a venue that suits their style and budget.  I negotiate with the venue and secure them a price that includes a suitable food and drinks package.  

Once the venue is secured I then produce a Schedule of Planning (a big to do list) which I will work through over the years and months right up until the wedding day.  I will guide my couple through all of the supplier options (such as photographers, florists, musicians etc), then negotiate and organise them.  I also manage the budget and payments plan.  I am on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout, and I do most of the wedding admin – the average wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan and most of this work is done by me.   

We will talk about the wedding style, design and colour theme and I will implement these into the day through all of the decor and little personal touches.

When we get close to the wedding day I produce a Timeline of the Day so that everyone knows what they are doing and when on the wedding day, I despatch this to all venues and suppliers so that everyone is informed of their duties.

On the day I attend the wedding venue early on to ensure everything is set up correctly and the day goes according to plan, I deal with any issues that might arrive ensuring the couple are left uninterrupted so they can relax and enjoy their day without a care in the world.  I usually leave the wedding after the first dance, pleased that I have made another couple very happy!

So now you know – a Wedding Planner isn’t just someone who offers you their usual venue and a suppliers for a price and “job done” – there is a lot more work that goes into planning a beautiful and memorable wedding day, they put their heart and sole into producing you the most perfect day, in the most perfect setting giving you the most perfect memories!

Pop back soon to find out if you need a Wedding Planner.

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