What is a wedding planner?  What do they do?  Why do I need one?  These are some of the most common questions when considering using a wedding planner.  So this group of blogs gives you the top reasons as to why you should hire one.

A Wedding Planner is a fully trained professional who designs, plans and coordinates a wedding.  They usually work with you from the very first steps of planning right through to the wedding day, taking you through all of the planning stages, advising and making recommendations and bringing together all of your suppliers on your special day, while ensuring that you are not interrupted on your wedding day, leaving you to relax and enjoy yourselves in the comfort of knowing your wedding is being managed on your behalf. 

Quite often people see a Wedding Planner as an extravagance – something for the wealthy or for very large weddings.  This is simply not the case.  Nowadays we all have lots of pressures on our time and we are already racing around trying to get everything done, adding around 250 of wedding admin to our lifestyles is just going to put too much pressure on many of us.  

Most couples who have employed a Wedding Planner are so grateful that they did, as the planner becomes indispensable in the build up to the wedding, and especially on the wedding day.

A Wedding Planner will have insider knowledge on venues, suppliers, design and logistics, and quite often they have secured special deals or rates with their venues and suppliers, which they can then pass onto you.  For example, I recently secured a deal with a couple where they did not have to pay the venue hire fee, saving them around €1,000, to them this was a huge saving compared to the cost of their small wedding, so this has meant that they now have €1,000 to use elsewhere relieving the financial pressure on them significantly.

Of course the benefits of a Wedding Planner are not just financial, it can be emotional and comforting.  When you are in another country planning a wedding there is so much more to consider than if you were planning a wedding in your home country, for example choosing a venue without seeing it, finding trustworthy suppliers and organising the logistics and timings of your day in a place that you have not spent much time in before.  Your planner will relieve all of this stress and anxiety in managing everything on your behalf and bringing all of the suppliers together while having an understanding of the venue and logistical issues.  I was recently told a story by one of my hair stylists where the bride was in the middle of having her hair done on her wedding day when she had to run off to deal with an issue with a supplier!  This caused delays in her preparation which led to her being under pressure to get ready, no one wants to experience this on their wedding day, it should be the one day that you get to be guided along on the crest of a wave with nothing else to think about other than how amazing it is to be getting married.

Quite often couples, especially brides say that by the time their wedding day comes around, their wedding planner is their new best friend, they have spent so much time together over the months in the build up to the big day and they have such a strong bond and level of trust between them, they are sad when the wedding is over and they no longer have reason to speak every week!

So if you want to enjoy a relaxed and calm wedding, please speak get in touch with me now – your personal Wedding Planner in Costa Blanca, Spain, to secure your dream relaxed wedding in the sun!


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