With many brides getting married in a civil ceremony the world of the classic white wedding dress has vanished never to be seen again, no longer should your bust and back be respectfully covered up, but the more skin on show the better.  Sexy plunging necklines and elegant low cut backed dresses have become a fashion statement that most brides will consider to some extent. However many people disagree that having so much skin on show is appropriate for the ‘innocent’ bride dressed in white. So when is it appropriate to wear the low cut plunging neckline?

Well some may say that “if you’ve got it flaunt it” and that keeping in fashion on your wedding day is key, but you need to make sure you look classy and sophisticated and not like you are on the pull! So how do you ensure that you look classy? Well essentially by making sure the dress you choose is beautifully fitted, that you are not exposing too much, the underwear you have is appropriate for the dress, and that you cannot ‘fall’ out of the dress – after all you don’t want to give your new father in law or best man an eye full on your wedding day!

So can you wear one of these super stunning dresses to church? Well if you really wanted that plunging dress but didn’t feel comfortable in church, you could of course have a lace illusion jacket made to fit with your dress, of which you can remove after the ceremony, thus creating two stunning wedding day looks.

So fashion conscious brides of today – what is it to be? A sexy plunging neck line and exposed low cut back, or something a little more modest?

Written by Angela from Angela´s Weddings in Spain, you personal wedding planner.

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